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Date: Jan 2018Model: Pure RebelPhotographer: MrPendulumEquipment: Nikon D7200 (35mm f/1.8G lens)

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Date: Nov 2017Model: AmyHair and Make Up Artist: Skin ObsessionPhotographer: MrPendulumEquipment: Nikon D7200 (85mm f/1.8G lens)


Date: Aug 2017Model: Empress EyriePhotographer: MrPendulumWardrobe: Celestial ChainmailEquipment: Nikon D7200 (35mm f/1.8G lens) This was inspired by Clyde Caldwell, who’s amazing cover art graced several of my favourite Dungeons and Dragons games of my youth.

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Date: Jun 2017Model: Empress EyriePhotographer: MrPendulumEquipment: Nikon D7200 (85mm f/1.8G lens)

Double Heading

Date: May 2017Models: Chey Ann, MariaPhotographer: MrPendulumEquipment: Nikon D7200 (35mm f/1.8G lens & 85mm f/1.8G lens)

Human Canvas

Date: Apr 2017Equipment: Nikon D7200 (35mm f/1.8G lens & 185mm f/1.8G lens)

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Able Crossroads

Date: Feb 2017Model: Lisa-JaneEquipment: Nikon D7200 (35mm f/1.8G lens)

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Complexity: 267 shapes Software: Inkscape 0.91 Date: Jan 2017

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Paper Wings

Date: December 2016Model: Angel AnonEquipment: Nikon Coolpix P900

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