The optimist tells us we live in the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears this to be true. We are not getting a better world.


No idea how much more time I have. I better keep taking photos for as long as I can.

The Antlers – Revisited

The Antlers – RevisitedThe place you’re stubbornly protecting is the only pretty thing that we own nowAnd we can stay here to wither in your garden of EdenBut your fantasy’s a prison and you’re serving a sentence you can’t stop repeating…So leave everything you’ve stolen … Continue readingThe Antlers – Revisited

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Brand New – Daisy

Brand New – Daisy I’m a mountain that has been movedI’m a river that is all dried upI’m an ocean nothing floats onI’m a sky that nothing wants to float inI’m a sun that doesn’t burn hotI’m a moon that never shows its faceI’m a … Continue readingBrand New – Daisy

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Stitched Up Heart – Grave

Stiched Up Heart – Grave A vicious cycle of romantic programmingA vicious cycle of conditioning in our brainsAnd now you want it but I don’t feel the sameAny you can’t have it, leave you lying down (Source:

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