The Leg Opener

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I was sitting at my work desk, working as one tends to do in such a location, when I was interrupted by a co-worker.

She carried a box, and looked slightly shaken. The box was addressed to me, and it wasn’t hard to understand the concern.


I was told that the courier who delivered this package to the building was doing his best not to laugh as he handed it over. And it took my co-workers 15 minutes before someone had the courage to deliver it to me.

It was indeed something that I had ordered. And althoug the packaging was not as discrete as I’d hoped, it wasn’t anything innapropriate.


My previous bottle opener at home, as faithful as it had been for two decades, had finally failed. In an ideal world I would have given it a viking funeral with much alcohol consumption to follow, but this is not that world. Instead, I ordered this new one.

They are sold by Fire Monkey Empire through this site. It’s not a bad price either, considering how much I’ve seen regular bottle openers go for in stores.

Although it is with pride that I shall keep this on my fridge door, I suspect this story will haunt me at work for years. Totally worth it.

review-legopener-03 review-legopener-04

It is quite solid, and more heavy than I thought. It is also surprisingly stable when standing like in the above picture.

I am yet to open a brew with it, but I have no doubt that it is up to the job. As expected it is a fingerprint magnet, but at this size it does not matter.

Farewell old broken bottle opener. Hello sexy Leg Opener!